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Since 1978, every 18th of May the international day of the museum is celebrated, an initiative backed by the International Council of Museum (ICOM) with the aim of approaching museums to society, make its values be known and show the initiatives that they carry out. Every year, the different museums all around the world organize several activities because of this day, creating a date of annual meeting.

But currently the public has changed and the society in which we live has experimented important changes due to the technological development. Today there is no doubt about the importance of Internet and how it has transformed our lives, becoming one of the chief sources of both communication and information.

With the aim that the international day of the museum is also present at the net, the DOODLE4MUSEUM campaign is proposed, whose purpose is to manage that Google, main place of information at the net and one of the most visited portals of Internet, develops a commemorative doodle of this day.

Google and its designer Dennis Hwang have realized in the last few years several doodle to commemorate diverse international days, such as the world water day or the international day of woman. They have also got closer to the world of art realizing doodles inspired in the work of outstanding artist, as Van Gogh or Munch.

The commemorative doodles replace the habitual logo of Google during the established day and are spread, beyond the Google portal itself, by digital media, web places and blogs that are informed about the event.

The main purpose of the DOODLE4MUSEUM campaign is to manage to join the efforts of all the museums, and specially those that are present at the net, of all the professionals who use the net and all the interested people in the museums to try to make this day celebrate in the virtual environment too.

The approach to the culture begins with the consciousness of itself. Thus, the goal of the campaign is precisely that, that the thousand of browsers who use Google everyday know the existence of the international day of the museum and are interested in participating in it.

The implication of all the people who are in charge of the spread of the museums through the nets is necessary for this initiative to be effective. Therefore, its implication and its collaboration in order to spread it would be greeted.

Feel free all the time to use or modify this information as you judge and to realize the proposals that you deem suitable. Do not forget to consult the different ways to participate in this initiative so that a doodle might commemorate at the net on the day of the museums.


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